Who are we?


To assist and empower people in our Ibiza community to experience greater wellbeing naturally through a chiropractic lifestyle.


We recognise and respect the body’s intelligence and its power to self-heal when given the chance.


We treat each person we meet just how we’d like to be treated: with love, compassion, understanding and truth.


Professionally we continually grow, learn and refine our skills to give you the best service and results possible.


Along with giving the highest quality chiropractic care, our goal is to give you the inspiration and strategies to make positive lifestyle choices so you can be healthier, happier and inspire others to do the same.

Jans Olde Wolbers, Principal Chiropractor and Owner

BSc App Sci (Clin), BSc Sci (Chiro) RMIT, AUS. Mem. AEQ (ESP)


Ibiza’s trusted Chiropractor to the stars…


Seeing a chiropractor not only changed Jans’ debilitating childhood headaches, but also changed his life and the direction his future would take…


From a very early age Jans was fascinated by the human body and healing, and it was his ambition to enter a profession in which he could bring positive change to his community in this area. Since his teenage years, he had assumed that he was going to be a medical doctor. Whilst studying towards medicine, he began to see a chiropractor about headaches he had been experiencing for years, headaches which medical doctors had been unable to resolve.


After 6 months of chiropractic care his chronic headaches were gone and he saw vast improvements in his overall well-being: increased concentration, enhanced energy levels, and the end to a depression that had plagued him for months. Jans was so amazed and inspired at how much his vitality and quality of life was boosted by having a better aligned spine that he transferred into the Doctor of Chiropractic degree at RMIT University, Australia so he too could share this gift with others.


Jans went on to graduate with first class honours, receiving the prestigious Yochum & Rowe Radiology Prize, Clinical Excellence Award, and Meritorious Service Award, which is demonstrates the passion that defines his approach to chiropractic.


Upon graduating, Jans worked for four years in one of Australia’s most successful chiropractic practices, continuing his development alongside mentor Dr. Simon Floreani, former president of the Australian Chiropractor’s Association, and Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani, Chiropractor and Author of the best-selling chiropractic book, “Well Adjusted Babies”.


Along with incredible hands-on experience, it was during this time that Jans’ love of working with families, babies and children was also fostered, a passion which endures today.


In 2008, Jans left Australia to work in Scotland, before falling in love with Ibiza, where he has lived since 2009. He was representative for the Spanish Chiropractic Association in the Balearic Islands & Levante from 2013 until 2017.


Jans has developed an excellent reputation on the island and is now the trusted chiropractor for many famous people including Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, and Nico Rosberg to name just a few.


Jans has eight years of University training, two Degrees, and over ten years of clinical experience. He has completed specialist training in paediatric chiropractic and chiropractic care for pregnant women and mothers, and regularly undertakes further training to learn new skills and techniques to help his clients.

In the past few years Jans has developed a series of talks to inspire healthier lifestyle choices, and has volunteered his time in the local community to teach others how a healthy spine and nervous system help us lead a healthy, happy life.


Jans is fluent in English and Spanish.



  • Recognised as Doctor of Chiropractic in Australia & UK
  • Bachelor of Science (Anatomy & Physiology), Monash University, Australia, 1996-99
  • Bachelor of Applied Clinical Science & Bachelor of Chiropractic Science with Honours, RMIT University, Australia, 2000-2005
  • President, Chiropractic Student Association RMIT University, 2003-04
  • Yochum & Rowe Radiology Prize, RMIT University, Australia
  • Clinical Excellence Award, RMIT University, Australia
  • Meritorious Service Award, RMIT University, Australia
  • Member, Chiropractic Association Australia (CAA)
  • Member, Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ)
  • Representative and Board Member, Balearic Islands & Levante, Spanish Chiropractic Association (AEQ) 2013-present
  • Webster Technique

Raijja Panis



Raijja grew up in Ibiza after moving with his family from Barcelona where he was born.

Raijja found chiropractic after suffering a severe traffic accident on one of the back roads of Ibiza when he was 15. After being hospitalized and going through months of rehabilitation, he continued to experience many problems, especially migraines, muscle tension and joint pain. 

Realising that taking medications was not what he was looking for, he decided to take his health into his own hands travelling to India, Thailand and Indonesia to learn the disciplines of yoga, meditation and massage. Finally, 8 years after the accident he found chiropractic here in Ibiza. 

With the regular chiropractic adjustments, he started noticing not only how a lot of muscular tension and mobility improved, he also noticed how much more energy, vitality and generally happier he was. He had finally found what he was looking for all along.

In 2019 Raijja graduated from the Barcelona College of Chiropractic with a Master of Chiropractic degree. He then worked in Belgium and Holland for 3 years gaining valuable experience after finally returning home to Ibiza in 2022. 

Pili Matias



Pilar was born in Ibiza and studied Fine Arts in Valencia and graduated in 2020. She worked for 10 years in the Port of Ibiza as a shop assistant and manager. She has also been a volunteer with Red Cross Youth for some time and has contributed to different artistic projects to promote art for people at risk of exclusion.

In her search for new goals, she returned to Ibiza to live permanently and enjoy the energy of the island with her family and friends.

In 2022 she discovered chiropractic and began working at the Ibiza Chiropractic Center, which allowed her to start a new life and put her talent at the care and service of our patients.

Pilar loves learning new languages and loves being in contact with the different patients who come to the Center. She is open and friendly, with a wide smile, helping patients to advance on their chiropractic path to wellness.

Pilar Chacón



Pilar is originally from Ceuta and she moved to Ibiza with her family when she was 2 years old. 5 years later her family decided to return to their place of origin where she found her love for the world of sports. At the age of 8 she began to compete for Spain with the rhythmic gymnastics and water polo team.

7 years later, she returned with her family to Ibiza. Where she began working with a boat charter company; the contact with the sea was what made her feel closest to her family from Ceuta.

In 2022 she discovered chiropractic and began working at the Ibiza Chiropractic Center, which allowed her to start a new life and put her talent at the care and service of our clients.

Pilar loves learning new languages and is passionate about taking care of people. She is always open and friendly, with a big smile, helping clients with all their needs and answering all of their questions: supporting them on their chiropractic path to wellness.


Your body is not an unthinking machine but is a community of 74 trillion intelligent cells all working towards a common goal: to express life & be healthy. Every moment your body is seeking to regenerate and balance itself – you just need to give it the chance.

Disease is common but it isn’t normal; wellbeing is normal. We often see people around us getting sick as they age, however most of these problems come from poor lifestyle choices and are not an inevitable part of getting older.

Healing comes from the inside not from the outside. The most powerful doctor in the world is working tirelessly for you every moment of every day – it’s your body’s innate doctor. If you break a bone, it’s not the plaster cast that heals you, but your body.

Your nervous system is the key to your body’s incredible potential to self-heal. It is the master controller of all 75 trillion cells and is constantly regulating all the organs and systems in your body, including the healing process, to keep you alive and well.

Just like you look after your teeth, your spine needs regular care to keep it healthy. Chiropractic is a powerful tool to make sure your spine is properly aligned and your nervous system is well connected so your body can perform as it should.

To experience ongoing wellbeing in your life, it’s essential to make ongoing healthy lifestyle choices. A healthy spine is a vital part of a healthy body which allows you to live a happy & healthy life.

DISCLAIMER: Chiropractic is still not officially recognised & regulated as a health profession in Spain – click here for details.
CHIROPRACTIC, whilst recognised as a health profession by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and forming part of the healthcare system in most developed countries including European countries such as Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Denmark and Switzerland – many of which recognise it as a primary healthcare profession – WITHIN SPAIN IT IS NOT A RECOGNISED HEALTH PROFESSION AND IS NOT SUBJECT TO REGULATION BY THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT. Because health legislation is a matter of regulatory law under the sovereignty of each EU member country, the chiropractic profession finds itself in a legal vacuum in Spain, meaning there are no laws to regulate it. The Spanish Association of Chiropractors (A.E.Q.) has petitioned the courts and relevant health and education ministries requesting that Parliament boost the legislative process to officially recognise chiropractic as a health profession in Spain. In countries legally recognising chiropractic as a health profession, the chiropractic degree is obtained after 5-6 years of educational training. Two Spanish institutions currently offer five-year chiropractic programs (with unofficial titles) in anticipation of the legal recognition of the profession in Spain: the Real Central University Maria Cristina of Madrid (UCR) and the Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC). The training from these institutions meet all the standards of quality and excellence demanded by the European Council of Chiropractic Education (ECCE), and paradoxically, Spanish graduates may work as official chiropractic health professionals in other countries like the United States, France or England, but not in their own country. The A.E.Q. was created and recognised by the Ministerio del Interior in 1986, and has over 200 members with chiropractic degrees recognised by the European Council of Chiropractic, ensuring compliance with the highest standards of professional practice at a European level. Unfortunately so far, these degrees and diplomas ARE NOT RECOGNISED AS OFFICIAL TITLES IN SPAIN. To ensure your chiropractor meets the quality standards established by ECCE regulation of chiropractic in Spain, check and verify that they are a member of the A.E.Q. in “Find a chiropractor” on the website: www.quiropractica-aeq.com. The regulation of chiropractic in Spain is a matter of political expediency, but in the meantime chiropractic professionals who meet the requirements of the AEQ statutes find themselves in a situation of legal uncertainty and disadvantage compared to other professionals from neighbouring European countries. Additionally due to the lack of regulation, Spanish citizens may be treated by unqualified people claiming to be chiropractors who do not meet the minimum international standards.


(**) The web www.centroquiropractioibiza.com & www.chiropracticibiza.com provide information on the professional services of Jans Olde Wolbers, owner of the contents of these websites. The content of these sites is offered for informational and informative purposes. The owner is not responsible for the content or comments and opinions expressed by third parties on their websites. The contents of the websites are not intended to replace health professional advice, since CHIROPRACTIC IS NOT A RECOGNISED HEALTH PROFESSION IN SPAIN AND HAS NOT BEEN THE SUBJECT OF REGULATION IN SPAIN, so that the owner assumes no responsibility, directly or indirectly, which may arise from the use made of this information.


 (***) “Chiropractic is a health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of these on overall health. It is based on manual techniques, including joint adjustment and / or manipulation focusing mainly on subluxations. “


Definition of the World Health Organisation (O.M.S.). Guidelines on Chiropractic, 2005
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